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How to Submit Your Community Event...

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To Submit Your Community Event....

Please email the following to

1 - A JPEG of the event flyer

2- A title of the event as you want it to appear on the Community Events Listing on the home page.

3 - A  detailed description of the event as you want it to appear on your dedicated event page.  

2 and 3 should be typed in the body of the email.  Please ensure those items are accurate as they will simply be cut and pasted into the appropriate fields. No corrections to grammar, punctuation or content will be made.  You will receive a confirmation email when your event has been posted.

What is a "Community Event"?

So you have found your way to this page but are not sure if your event is a "Community Event". What qualifies as one?  A Community Event is any event sponsored by a recognized Sherman municipal entity, or Sherman not-for-profit organization, that is not political or purposefully controversial in nature or sponsored by a major political party or any other type of political committee. A Community Event should be positive, educational, instructive, peaceful and contain no aspects deemed to be overtly contentious or willfully detrimental to any other parties.