Frequently Asked Tax Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I own that is subject to taxes?

What if I dispose of a vehicle after October 1st?

How is property valued? Revaluation?

Who do I pay if I move within Connecticut?

How is the tax (mill) rate established?

When does my tax bill become delinquent?

What is the current mill rate?

What is the best way to make payments?

When should I expect my tax bill?

What if I'm delinquent on my real estate taxes?

What if I sell my real estate?

I have delinquent taxes and need to register my car. What do I do?

Do I live in a tax district? Who do I contact?

Can interest on my tax bill be waived?

Could I be eligible for any exemptions?

Are there any breaks for Senior Citizens?

What if I received a tax bill for my house, but I am escrowed?

I didn't receive a tax bill. What should I do?