Land Acquisition Board

Mission Statement

The Advisory Board was established to assist the Town in acquiring open space property that will remain so in perpetuity. They act by:
  • Discussing, within the Board, properties brought to its attention as potential open space;
  • Utilizing an agreed-upon set of criteria to ascertain whether the property is desirable for open space;
  • Alerting the Board of Selectmen when a property meets these criteria;
  • Investigating, identifying, and, when possible, securing additional methods of funding land acquisition in Sherman;
  • Identifying preferred means of holding property in open space
Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Land Acquisition Fund Advisory Board
Mallory Town Hall
9 Rt 39 North
P.O. Box 39
Sherman, Connecticut 06784

Board Members

Don Lowe, Chairman, Rep Board of Selectmen
Fran Frattini, Rep. Park and Recreation
Vacant, Rep. Inland Wetlands
Jerrold Siegel, Public Member
Al Kenney, Secretary, Public Member

Description of Services

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at Mallory Town Hall.