Naromi Land Trust

Naromi Land Trust


Naromi Land Trust conserves and protects the natural resources of Sherman, including wildlife habitats, water quality, agricultural lands and scenic vistas, for the benefit of, and use by, current and future generations.


  • Protects land by ownership, management, and/or conservation easement in perpetuity.
  • Seeks to protect open spaces, farmlands, ridges, and scenic vistas that define Sherman’s character.
  • Establishes and maintains wildlife sanctuaries to protect plant and animal habitats.
  • Helps people to understand the value of protecting land and gives them access to its preserves for activities in harmony with its conservation goals.
  • Seeks to advise and work with Sherman’s other organizations, as well as its public agencies.


Margery Josephson - President
Chris Jellen – Vice President
Michael Herzberg – Secretary
Stephanie Warren – Treasurer

Contact Information:

Naromi Land Trust
PO Box 265
Sherman, CT 06784
(860) 354-0260



Other information:

Naromi is a charity qualified under Section 501.c.3 of the Internal Revenue Code, making benefits available to anyone who contributes money, land, conservation easements, or other valuable easements.